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At GFM, our goal is to understand the desire and requirements of our clients in order to provide them with our specialized expertise, knowledge and guidance in disabled bath modifications and products. GFM’s long term experience in construction and universal design; gives our clients the advantage of having the latest up to date innovative products and of course expert installation. We have developed a wide range of construction services, handicap accessible bath products to meet our consumer’s individual special circumstances. GFM specializes in accessibility and security. Safe transfers in and out of the bath and shower are the critical part of bathing safety. GFM has the experience and resources to provide and install the highest quality in ADA accessibility products as well as conventional bath and shower conversions. Our products include; walk in showers , handicap showers, wheelchair accessible showers, walk in bath tubs, handicap bathtubs and other unique handicap bathroom accessories.

The integrity of GFM; raises the bar over our competitors in our customer service, design applications, disabled baths products, accessories, and home modification standards. GFM Construction is industry leading local ADA Accessibility Company. All throughout Oregon and Washington, customers turn to GFM, for their residential home modifications, ADA accessible home modifications and commercial construction projects. Why do they choose us? Because they know, we will go the extra mile to turn their design dreams into reality; GFM has quality carefree solutions that are both safe and beautiful, adding years of comfort and durability to your home and bathing experience. If you are looking for an alternative to questionable products and unqualified contractors, let us help. We have been serving the Northwest since 1983. Call the experts at GFM for your free consultation of the product that is right for you a client or a relative.

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