Aluminum Ramps

EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps were created because sometimes a modular ramp system just isn’t enough. To maximize your independence, you need more. In response to growing demand GFM is proud to offer a new range of line of specialized ramp systems. Perfect for wheelchairts, scooters, or any other access need.

Pathway® Modular Access Systems

Our Modular Ramps are quick to assemble and easy to configure to any bathroom layout. When accessibility needs extend beyond the limits of a standard portable ramp, this is truly the best option. The efficient design uses less hardware and no pre-assembly is required.

PASSPORT™ Vertical Platform Lift

Sometimes our accessibility needs extend beyond the bathroom. Safety, comfort, and ease-of-use are mandatory requirements, but some systems fall short. This is why we have taken every precaution and measured every variable while developing our system/ All you have to do is look for the name; GFM’s EZ-ACCESS.


Public use access systems do not have to be complicated. Just send us your requirements and measurements, and we can assemble a very simple TITAN series commercial lift system. Need a little help? Just give us a call.

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