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Walk in Bathtubs

“Safety Durability and Performance” Our so

Model: GFM2645 W*D*H: 26" x 45" x 40"

The GFM 2645 is ingeniously constructed for smal

Model: GFM2848 W*D*H: 28" x 48" x 37"

The GFM 2848 is ingeniously constructed. All GFM

Model: GFM3053 W*D*H: 30" x 53" x 41"

  The GFM 3053 is ingeniously constructed.

Model: GFM3060 Lay Down W*D*H: 30" x 60" x 22"

The GFM 3060 is built as a standard tub base wit

Model: GFM3555 Large Capacity W*D*H: 35" x 55" x 41"

The GFM 3555 is or Largest capacity tub availabl

Model: XTW6035 Best Bath W*D*H: 60" x 35" x 40"

The Big E Walk-in Tub is the largest tub of its kind

Wheelchair Accessible Bathtubs

“Contractors Source for Accessible Bath Products&

Model: GFM3052 Wheelchair Accessible W*D*H: 30" x 52" x 41"

The GFM 3052 is perfect for a person in a wheelc

Model: GFM3252 Wheelchair Accessible W*D*H: 32" x 52" x 40"

The GFM 3052 is perfect for a person in a wheelc