Wheelchair Accessible Bathtubs

“Contractors Source for Accessible Bath Products” GFM-wheelchair-acessible-bathtub Our customer’s safety is GFM’s top priority, and we have chosen only top of the line wheelchair accessible handicap bathtubs to provide you with high safety standards and comfort. We want our customers to feel the spa experience at home while enjoying the wheelchair accessible handicap bathtub options; made with built in grab bars, safety, easy mobility, heated 7-jet whirlpool system with massaging back, leg and foot jets, mixture of heated air and water jet systems, hygienic 20-jet air massage system with 3-speed heated jets, and extraordinary quiet operation to enhance your relaxation experience with our exceptional wheelchair handicap accessible bathtub.

With any of the models we provide, wheelchair accessible bathtub installation is made easy with tile edge time and u-channels, stainless steel flex hoses to hook up to your existing hot and cold-water lines, and clearances for easy hookup to existing drain. Our handicap bathtubs are designated to assist users who need wheelchair accessibility; individuals who have upper body strength in order to do seat-to-seat transfer or use a transfer board. The air switch fingertip touch provides the user of the wheelchair accessible bathtub the capacity to adjust water flow and jet options with great ease, as simple as touching a button. The contoured handicap bathtub seat permitting you to slide in with ease, the roominess of the wheelchair accessible bathtubs is assembled with an outward swinging door, giving you the privacy of bathing and showering alone creating a safe and enjoying an independent environment. Call GFM to help you in choosing your new wheelchair handicap accessible bathtub; 1-360-909-5166

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Model: GFM3052 Wheelchair Accessible W*D*H: 30" x 52" x 41"

The GFM 3052 is perfect for a person in a wheelc

Model: GFM3252 Wheelchair Accessible W*D*H: 32" x 52" x 40"

The GFM 3052 is perfect for a person in a wheelc