Custom Built Ramps

custom-built wheelchair accessible ramps

Accessibility doesn’t stop in the bathroom. Each threshold carries a unique access obstacle that can be easily overcome with one of our custom built ramps. Whatever the situation, we carry an access ramp to make getting in, up, on, or around feel natural and simple. Feel free to browse through our various options for various circumstances, or simply give us a call to personally review our entire inventory of solutions.
Some information to consider:
How long does your ramp need to be?
The length of the stairs and the vertical height the ramp needs to ascend will determine the type of ramp you need. Also consult the guidelines in wheelchair or scooter manuals. The ramp length that you’ll need can be easily calculated with a few simple measurements.

  • 1-Inch Rise: 12-Inch Run (3.75 degrees): The number of inches in total vertical height = the number of feet in length you need. For example, two 5-inch-high steps would account for 10 inches in total vertical height and would therefore require a 10-foot-long ramp.
  • 2-Inch Rise: 12-Inch Run (7.5 degrees): Calculate by dividing the total vertical height in inches by 2. A 2-inch:12-inch slope is the maximum recommended for any ramp installation, including portable ramps used by occupied wheelchairs and scooters.
  • 3-Inch Rise: 12-Inch Run (11.5  degrees): Calculate by dividing the total vertical height in inches by 3. This is the steepest incline a ramp should have and should never be used by occupied wheelchairs and scooters.

How wide does your ramp need to be?
To determine the ramp width you need, consider the following:

  1. How wide is the wheelbase on your wheelchair or scooter? It’s important to make sure your chair can safely cross the ramp surface with some margin for safety on either side.
  2. If using a ramp to get in and out of a vehicle, consider the width of the door opening on your vehicle. Depending on the ramp you purchase, you’ll need 30 inches or more for a door opening.

Choosing Your Wheelchair Ramp

After you’ve determined the required length and width, you should determine the application.
Shower Ramps
Intended to eliminate the small barrier in front of walk-showers, shower ramps are typical small and color matched to blend in the bathroom flooring.
Doorway and Threshold Ramps
Doorway ramps are used to cross a couple of steps. Panel ramps and solid ramps are most commonly used to cross a couple of steps through doorway thresholds. Use our calculations to determine the length needed. If it is longer than a standard doorway ramp, consider an exterior access ramp as an alternative.
Threshold ramps can be portable or permanently installed. The typical height ranges from ½ inch, to 1 inch. They are commonly very short, light weight, and facilitate small rises. This is the standard solution for both indoors and outdoors.
Portable and Automotive Ramps
Portable ramps are most commonly used to enter and exit a vehicle or to use in the home occasionally. These ramps usually fold up like suitcases and can be carried with you, although there are some shorter ramps that are solid surfaces. When purchasing a portable ramp, consider the total weight of the ramp to ensure it can be easily and safely carried.
Exterior Access Ramps
A customizable ramp may offer a better range of length for exterior accessibility. There are 2 types of materials to consider for this purpose;
-Custom wood ramps are a great option when trying to match your ramp with the style of your home. They look and function great. However, installation typically requires above average building skills. Make sure that your installer is familiar with building steps, decks, porches, and ramps for a completely solid install.
– Aluminum ramps are a great option because of their modular abilities. They are lightweight, and can be installed in sections to ensure accurate length and pathways. Ready made platforms are also available to create a perfect left, right or U-turn within your pathway. Safety and stability are always a priority, so please make sure you are thorough when selecting your installer.

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