Veterans Showers

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The Veterans Administration has recognized GFM supplied showers as meeting the requirements for remodeling to meet the need of the disabled vets. The showers we recommended have a one inch traditional threshold. The contractor will either recess the floor or build up the external floor to the threshold. For more information on our Veteran shower products for residential applications and commercial facilities, or to discuss the details of your new construction or rehab project, contact your GFM sales representative.

Many wheelchair users prefer showers to baths because transfer is less difficult or not necessarily for a shower. There are two types of showers. The first is equipped with a seat to which the individual transfers from the wheelchair. The second is a roll-in shower. In both types of showers, a wheelchair must partially or fully enter the shower. Therefore, shower entrance-ways must have no curbs and be at least 3’–6″ wide.

 The minimum size for a Veteran approved roll-in shower is 5’–0″ x 4’–0″. The minimum shower opening is 3’–6″ wide, except where a door is provided for a roll-in shower. Showers must not have curbs or thresholds that impede wheelchair access. Shower floors (as well as bathroom floors) must be non slip. Thermostatic controls must be installed to protect the user from sudden changes in water temperature. Many people find leverhandle temperature controls easiest to operate. All controls must be easily accessible to the shower occupant.


Model: VA 4LDS4848B1T W*D*H: 48" x 49" x 82"

Four piece 48” x 48” barrier free shower with 1 in

Model: VA 4LRS4848B1T W*D*H: 48" x 49" x 79"

Four piece 48” x 48” barrier free shower with 1 in

Model: VA 4LRS6060B1T W*D*H: 60" x 61" x 79"

Four piece 60” x 60” barrier free shower with 1 in

Model: VA 5LES6048B1T W*D*H: 60" x 49" x 79"

  Five piece 60” x 48” barrier free shower w

Model: VA 5LES7248B1T W*D*H: 72" x 49" x 79"

        Five piece 72” x 48”